Happy New year!Season is right at the midway point.Lets see where they stack up now


1.Thomas Jefferson

2.Abraham Lincoln

3.Benjamin Cardozo


5.HS For Construction

6.South Shore


8.Paul Robeson

9.Wings Academy

10.Springfield Gardens

On the bubble-Brooklyn Collegiate,Thurgood Marshall,MSIT,Eagle Academy,James Monroe


1.Brooklyn HS For Law&Tech


3.Roosevelt Campus


5.James Madison

6.Bedford Academy

7.Erasmus Hall

8.William E.Grady


10.Susan Wagner

On the bubble-Morris,Canarsie,Dewey,Brooklyn Tech,Transit Tech,Mckinney,Seward Park,Environmental Studies,Far Rockaway,Van Arsdale 


1.Fannie Lou Hamer

2.Eagle Academy III


4.Medgar Evers Prep

5.Community Health Academy

6.Jane Addams

7.South Bronx Prep


9.Morrisania Campus


On the bubble-Riverdale/Kingsbridge,Bronx Law and Gov't,Adams St,Summit Academy,Brooklyn College Academy,Democracy Prep,East Side Community,York College Academy,Scholars Academy,Academy American Studies

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Comment by Rich Kosik on Saturday

Well said Brett - you mentioned 3 Aces there !

Comment by a1jeff on Saturday

coach,you dont need to hear that story.you coach at scholars where the kids biggest concerns are whether the lifeguards are on duty or not at beach 104th street.HA!

Comment by brett tawil on Friday

Would love to hear that story someday & appreciate how coaches do more than what's expected in a day and age where fear could prevent someone from stepping outside the lines a lil'  ~ I have had the good fortune to work with experienced care takers of kids who role modeled positive behaviors & realized that life taught thru the game of basketball was a valuable tool not only to help move a life forward to college but to teach how family structure can have significant positive impact .....the Leitner's & the Eric "rock" Eisenberg's & Jeff Meltzer's of the coaching tree need to spread more of their wisdom to our coaching fraternity !   

Comment by a1jeff on Friday

coach lee i just keep it real,i dont want to disparage your program or the kids,some even use it as bulletin board material lol.you always do a grew job over there and still mention to people to thing you did when your senior kids got in trouble some years back.have heard a few coaches have similar issues and let the admin decide rather than taking matters into their own hands,constantly using you and that story as an example.the division in manhttan has been a bit down this year but have a chance to show what you guys got in the showcase matched up against an outer borough team.The B is very top heavy this year.Interesting matchups styles and teams to look out for.

Comment by Nicholas Lee on January 11, 2018 at 12:37pm

NAME of the kid is Carl Joseph BTW -  6'1 lefty with a good 200 LB frame.  

Comment by Nicholas Lee on January 11, 2018 at 12:35pm

got it Rich.  I'm always hesitant to write, though I read, because at the end of the day I believe nobody really cares to hear about B schools, especially from L.E.S Manhattan.  

You know my program.  I never recruit and I run a TOTAL INCLUSION program.  So my teams are usually very interesting looking to say the least.  A1Jeff is right that we lost three good players last year, and actually 3-4 good ones over the last 3-4 years.  But I'm trying to groom a kid that I took in last year who never played basketball before.  I would love to get your opinion on him so please stop by.  Hopefully we finish off ok and get another showcase bid so we could catch up then.  AND yes, teams are a tad weak this year on our schedule but no real walkovers by all means.  Thanks A1jeff for the up to date info as I enjoy the site

Comment by BBALL16 on January 10, 2018 at 11:44pm

ok looking foward to the macthups because last year they had like 3 sites for the showcases

Comment by a1jeff on January 10, 2018 at 11:41pm

BBALL,if i had to guess the following two saturdays at sites TBD meaning jan 20,and 27

Comment by a1jeff on January 10, 2018 at 11:40pm

craig,totally agree great job today.

for once fonfa is correct about his team

Comment by BBALL16 on January 10, 2018 at 11:38pm

when is the A and B Division Showcases?




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